This water-based formula helps to sculpt and style wet hair and provides medium hold and stiffness when dry. The Mineral Dead Sea Salt Spray is a low viscosity, easy-to-use hair styling product that can be used with a variety of hair types and hairstyles. This product achieves in giving a simple way to create more natural-looking hairstyles. This styling spray is based on natural ingredients that work to create high-performance styling products. This product also contains Cetrimonium Chloride. This ingredient is an anti-static ingredient that helps condition the hair. The ingredients work to create thickness and hair volume, it enables textured finish even on fine hair. No frizz just beautiful textured hair that will make you feel like you are close to the salty waters of the Caribbean Sea all year round.

To use the product simply spray generously on damp hair before letting it dry naturally or using a hairdryer. Squeeze and twist strands to enhance texture. Air-dry for a matte, windswept look. It can be used for fine to medium hair and all types of hair. From straight to wavy hair all types of hair can benefit from this Mineral Dead Sea Salt Spray.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


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