Heat Protection hair spray

Consumers view heat styling differently. Some use heat appliances more often or at higher temperatures than what’s recommended. There is a great need for the consumer to protect their hair from damage. This wonderful product uses the power of silicones just as Amodimethicone to protect hair during heat styling. Hair that are coated with this spray obtain less damage from heated styling tools than the hair that is left untreated. Research shows that silicones like Amedimthicone help defend against these effects of heat damage. Our product performs better when compared to other formulated products.

Salon professional find that heat-damaged hair is typically dull, less smooth and slippery, and more difficult for consumers to run their fingers through, leading to a perception of dryness. Heat-damaged hair also is more difficult to comb, less flexible and exhibits more flyaway. Thus, the creation of this super product was a need for salon professional to protect hair while styling.

The key ingredients in this product is Hydrolyzed Wheat Complex and Panthenol Hydrator and strengthener. Strengthens the hair shaft, provides moisture, prevents breakage, and adds shine. In general, anyone with curly, dry, color-treated, or damaged hair. It may also provide benefits to those with thinning hair. Although it is a topical treatment, it is best for those with wheat or gluten sensitivity to avoid it.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


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