Healthy hair is not just a desire it is a need. However, one of the sure ways to damage your hair is by heat-styling it. Heat styling tools can break down the hair’s hydrogen bond which is why using Celine Claire TecPlex No7 is key to achieving healthy hair. Not all hair products perform the same, some styling products can weigh down the hair, making it look lifeless and greasy. This is truly a miracle product that can enhance the look of damaged hair.

Key benefits of this TecPlex No7 Bonding Oil

Repairs damaged and compromised hair

Strengthens and protects hair structure

Restores healthy appearance and texture

Improved luster, shine, and manageability

Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7 – Bonding Oil Hair Serum for Thermally Damaged Hair

Introducing Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7, the ultimate bonding oil hair serum that revitalizes and restores thermally damaged hair. With its 90 ml volume, this powerful hair serum goes above and beyond, providing superior detangling, anti-frizz, and heat protection properties. The secret lies in the base ingredient of rosemary oil, known for its remarkable hair regrowth benefits. Get ready to experience hair transformation like never before.

Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7 is designed to rival the renowned Olaplex No. 7, but with a remarkable advantage — it offers three times more volume. This groundbreaking formula combines the effectiveness of a bonding oil with the nourishing power of rosemary oil, delivering exceptional results for your hair. Say goodbye to dryness, frizz, and breakage as you embrace the transformative qualities of this outstanding hair serum.

With Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7, your hair receives the care it deserves. The bonding oil works to repair and strengthen your hair from within, providing deep hydration and protection against heat damage. It effectively seals the hair cuticles, preventing further damage and leaving your hair looking healthy, shiny, and revitalized.

Say hello to effortless detangling with Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7. This hair serum works to smooth out knots and tangles, making combing and styling a breeze. It reduces friction, resulting in less hair breakage and a noticeable improvement in hair manageability. Bid farewell to those frustrating hair tangles and enjoy effortlessly beautiful hair every day.

Combat frizz like never before with the powerful anti-frizz properties of Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7. It forms a protective barrier around each strand, shielding it from environmental factors that contribute to frizz. Say goodbye to unruly, frizzy hair and hello to sleek, smooth locks that are sure to turn heads.

Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7 doesn’t just stop at repairing and protecting your hair. The key ingredient, rosemary oil, has been carefully chosen for its remarkable hair regrowth benefits. Stimulating the scalp and promoting blood circulation, rosemary oil encourages healthy hair growth, making your hair look fuller and more voluminous.

In conclusion, Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7 is your go-to solution for treating thermally damaged hair. This superior bonding oil hair serum provides exceptional detangling, anti-frizz, and heat protection properties, making it a worthy contender to Olaplex No. 7. With its remarkable volume of 90 ml and the powerful benefits of rosemary oil, Celine Claire Tecplex No. 7 is set to revolutionize your hair care routine. Embrace the difference and unlock the secret to beautiful, healthy hair.

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