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Expert Fat Dissolving Service in North Vancouver

Sculpt Your Chin Without Surgery

Discover the revolutionary Belkyra treatment at Parsa Wellness Clinic, offering a non-surgical solution to diminish the dreaded double chin. Belkyra's advanced formula targets and permanently eliminates submental fat, enhancing your facial profile and boosting your confidence.

Tailored to your unique needs, this innovative treatment promises a sleeker, more defined chin with minimal downtime. Join us in North Vancouver for a personalized consultation to explore how Belkyra can deliver the lasting results you desire, transforming your appearance and self-esteem

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Treatment Price


per Session

Belkyra Treatment Overview

Transform Your Profile with Non-Surgical
Fat Reduction

Treatment Duration

Quick, 30-minute sessions enable a seamless fit into your schedule



Precision injections target submental fat, sculpting a refined chin contour.


Visible Results

Noticeable chin refinement observed within four to six weeks post-treatment


Recovery Period

Expect a recovery time of 7-14 days with minimal lifestyle interruption


Tailored Treatment

Each treatment plan is personalized, potentially requiring 2-4 sessions for optimal results.



A non-invasive alternative to surgery, eliminating double chin without incisions


Results Longevity

Fat cells are permanently destroyed, offering lasting results without repeat treatments.


Pain Level

Mild discomfort managed with topical or local anesthesia for a comfortable experience.

Belkyra Treatment

non-invasive fat dissolving solution

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Non-Surgical Contouring

Belkyra permanently eliminates submental fat cells, providing lasting double chin reduction without the need for retreatment.

Permanent Results

Achieve a defined chin without surgery; Belkyra offers a safe, minimally invasive option with reduced downtime and risk.


Boosted Confidence

Experience a confidence boost with Belkyra, melting away stubborn fat for a sculpted jawline that enhances self-assurance.


Why Choose Belkyra at Parsa Wellness Clinic?

Precision Targeting

Belkyra specifically targets and eliminates stubborn fat under the chin, ensuring precise contouring and sculpting of the jawline.

Quick and Effective

Treatments are fast, generally taking only 30 minutes, with noticeable fat reduction and contouring visible within weeks.

Minimal Downtime

Unlike surgical alternatives, Belkyra requires minimal downtime, allowing patients to quickly return to their daily activities.

Safe and FDA-Approved

Belkyra is a safe, FDA-approved treatment, backed by extensive clinical trials to ensure efficacy and patient safety.

Meet Your Belkyra Specialist

Expert Hands Crafting Your Aesthetic & Wellness Journey

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Dr. PArisa Soltani

MD, FRCPC, Medical Director

At Parsa Wellness Clinic, Dr. Parisa Soltani specializes in Belkyra treatments, skillfully addressing submental fullness. Her expertise in non-surgical fat dissolving, combined with a personalized approach, ensures transformative results, enhancing patients' confidence and profiles with minimal downtime.

Discover Your Belkyra Journey

unfold your experience at parsa wellness clinic


Personalized Consultation

Begin with a thorough consultation where Dr. Soltani evaluates your needs and discusses your aesthetic goals. Utilizing advanced analysis, she crafts a tailored Belkyra treatment plan to target submental fullness effectively.


Customized Treatment

During your treatment, Belkyra is precisely injected into the fat beneath the chin, using techniques honed over years of practice. The session focuses on accuracy and comfort, ensuring optimal fat dissolution with minimal discomfort


Comprehensive Aftercare

Post-treatment, we schedule a follow-up to monitor your progress and discuss aftercare. Dr. Soltani provides guidance on maximizing results and maintaining your newly sculpted chin profile, ensuring lasting satisfaction with your Belkyra treatment.



  • What exactly is Botox and how does it work?
    Botox®, an FDA and Health Canada-approved injectable treatment, utilizes botulinum toxin to temporarily relax muscles, reducing wrinkles and addressing medical conditions like hyperhidrosis. With a proven track record spanning over two decades, it offers both cosmetic enhancement and therapeutic relief. From smoothing frown lines, crow's feet, and forehead wrinkles to treating hyperhidrosis, chronic migraines, and jaw pain, Botox® remains a versatile solution for various aesthetic and medical concerns.
  • How long do the results of a Botox treatment last?
    The effects of Botox can last between 3 to 4 months, depending on the individual's response to the treatment, the area treated, and the dosage used.
  • Is receiving Botox injections painful?
    Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during Botox injections, often described as a quick pinch. Topical anesthetics or ice can be used to numb the treatment area beforehand.
  • Can Botox actually prevent the formation of new wrinkles?
    Yes, Botox not only smooths out existing wrinkles but can also prevent new ones from forming by relaxing facial muscles, making it a preventative anti-aging solution.
  • Are there specific activities I should avoid after receiving Botox?
    Avoid rubbing the treated area, strenuous activities, and heat exposure for the first 24 hours to ensure the best results.
  • How quickly can I expect to see results after a Botox treatment?
    Visible improvements from Botox injections typically start to appear within 3 to 7 days after treatment, with the full effect becoming evident after two weeks.
  • What safety considerations are there with Botox treatments?
    Botox is safe when administered by experienced professionals. Potential side effects include temporary bruising, swelling, or headache, which usually subside quickly.
  • What is the process for getting Botox at Parsa Wellness Clinic?
    Our Botox treatment process includes a personalized consultation using VISIA Facial Skin Analysis, precise injections by certified practitioners, and tailored aftercare advice to ensure optimal results.
  • What types of neuromodulators does Parsa Wellness Clinic use for treatments like Botox?
    At Parsa Wellness Clinic, we exclusively use FDA & Health Canada approved neuromodulators, including Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Nuceiva®. These products, derived from botulinum toxin, are recognized for their safety and efficacy in reducing facial wrinkles and treating medical conditions. Our medical professionals tailor treatments with precision to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.
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